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I was having issues adding a custom workflow activity to one of my workflows today, and everything seemed right but I still was seeing an error in the CRM trace output when adding the activity to a new workflow. I checked and double checked and that field is certainly there. I used Reflector to check […]

– Update: I ran into these issues when testing the activity classes outside of a workflow runtime context. It turns out that there is more to this than I thought. Once running inside of CRM we don’t have the name collision issue. However, I wasn’t able to put common properties in a superclass, so apparently […]

There comes a time in every CRM developer’s career when he’s tired of doing the rain dance of plugin re-registration for testing custom workflow activities. Of course, moving all of the heavy lifting out of the actual Execute() method is a must, but sometimes we just need to test the thing as-is. I’ve seen some […]

As you are probably aware, Microsoft CRM uses Sql Server Reporting services under the hood to run reports against CRM data. However, to allow more flexibility than would ordinarily be provided by SRSS alone Microsoft has several tricks up its sleeve when it comes to running the reports under CRM. To allow reports to run […]