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I just had this happen to me a second time, and I didn’t recall what I did the first time so I’m blogging it now. The issue is that you add a reference to some library in Visual Studio and it just won’t pick up the reference. There are a lot of things that can […]

Anyone that has spent some time developing solutions for Microsoft CRM should be familiar at least with grabbing an entity instance or collection of instances from CRM using CrmService.Retrieve() or CrmSevice.RetrieveMultiple(). It is conceptually straightforward to pass CRM an ID and get the corresponding instance back. While a little more advanced, using FilterExpressions is still […]

Have you ever wanted to do a quick IISReset on a remote server without having to switch to or start a remote desktop session? Shouldn’t it be as easy as it is on Linux where you can have a console open for any machine that is running SSH (which is just about every Linux box)? […]

I did a quick experiment to see what the serialization formats look like for a DynamicEntity and a static entity type as found in the Microsoft.Crm.SdkTypeProxy namespace. The results were predictable by looking at the structure of each type of entity, but I thought that I’d post my results here if for no other reason […]

WebPart pages support lots of advanced functionality right out of the box, but there are some complexities in getting everything set up correctly. In a previous post, I pointed out an issue that I had with WebParts personalization support. Another thing that I got tripped up on recently was getting design mode working. Design mode […]

On more than one occasion I’ve had to assemble a complex query for retrieving CRM entities. Unfortunately, the QueryExpression API can be pretty confusing. I’ve actually written several query APIs for other projects myself, and this one still trips me up sometimes. The basis for my confusion, and probably the confusion of many others, is […]

I was poking around in some of the CRM libraries in the course of writing a mock CRM web service for testing purposes and I found a few interesting things that I thought would be useful to share. If you have never used the wonderful .NET Reflector you really owe it to yourself to grab […]