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After working on several client projects involving DynamicEntities, I have a few things to get written up from my notes. Since DynamicEntities, by definition, are not strongly-typed (in terms of CRM entities, of course they are concrete .NET types themselves) they require a bit of casting-and-cajoling in order to work with. The first thing to […]

I’ve been messing with several ways of doing binary code releases recently with mixed success. Ideally I want to be able to build a solution with msbuild and have the output moved into folders for debug and release, with the assembly version and the target framework having separate folder locations for each. In other words, […]

I’m using a Javascript library in order to do some data manipulation, and I wondered if there was a way to include the source JS file in my script. There is nothing like an include directive in WSH but it does support a mechanism for managing script files that is very similar to how it […]

I need to do some scripting from time to time, and I usually use Javascript to do everything. I needed to generate GUIDs for some CRM data that I wanted to create programmatically. I found this article from the Microsoft Scripting Guy. He gave the example in VBScript, so here is the equivalent in JScript:

I was deploying an application for a client today when I realized that they didn’t have the 4.0 framework installed on the target machine. I’ve done this plenty of times, but apparently I forget this one configuration step each time. For the benefit of myself and hopefully others, here is a description of the problem […]