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I was debugging a piece of code just now when I realized that my problem was in an assumption that I had made about Key properties in a DynamicEntity. I thought that a Key field was a unique key for the entity instance, which it is, sort of. There apparently can be more than one […]

CRM API quirks


I come across oddities and oversights pretty frequently in the CRM SDK/API. The latest one is that there is no way to write a generic method to pull a property value out of a CRM Property type. Let me show you what I’d like to write: This doesn’t work since Property doesn’t define a value […]

Several of our clients use PayPal as their payment gateway, so we have some general library code that deals with the PayPal payment gateway (PayFlow Pro). In order to test our our code, of course we needed a sandbox account on the PayPal servers. However, it is not obvious how this works. Fortunately, I came […]