Dealing with exceptions in WCF services



Windows Communication Foundation Web services handle exceptions differently than regular .NET code. So in much the same that we re-throw CRM exceptions, we have to handle .NET exceptions at the top-level of our service methods in order to avoid the dreaded generic “NotFound” errors that we get when a WCF service fails for some reason.

For code that calls WCF services we can construct a FaultException to wrap the general exception that is thrown like this:

		try {
                            // perform the action that could throw an exception
			catch( Exception e ) {
				throw new FaultException(
					new FaultReason( e.Message ),
					new FaultCode( e.GetType().ToString() )

However in Silverlight this doesn’t seem to work as expected. I still get a “Not Found” exception. Back to the drawing board.


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