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I just had to deal with this error once again after having redeployed some SharePoint 2010 Web Part code as a farm solution after having been installed as a sandboxed solution. The error text is: This typically happens when either a web part has been added to a SharePoint page already and then the code […]

I have read a lot of SharePoint documentation and articles recently, and one confusing point that kept getting glossed over was whether there was a difference between what was called a “Visual” Web Part and a Web Part by any other name. The answer is, there is a difference, but not in the .NET type. […]

With SharePoint 2010 Microsoft has added the ability to run code in a more protected and limited environment than the fully-trusted farm deployment level. This allows individual site owners to install third-party code without risking the stability and integrity of the entire SharePoint server farm or even an individual server. As you’d expect, there are […]

This is the first of several SharePoint-related articles that I have in the works, all dealing with code deployment and feature configuration. Background Microsoft SharePoint allows developers to build custom UI pieces called Web Parts that plug into a standard SharePoint page at design time. These Web Parts can be extremely powerful, but unfortunately deployment […]

I’ve been creating tons of ASP.NET Web Parts for use in various clients’ SharePoint portals recently, and I’ve come to a point where I need to handle some configuration in some of the parts. For those of you familiar with SharePoint, you’ll recall that each SharePoint site has its own web.config file under the site […]

The title for this post is a mouthful so let me describe the back story a little bit. In Microsoft Silverlight applications we often use DataGrid controls that are databound with a boolean data field that is represented by a check box. Silverlight provides a built-in column type of DataGridCheckBoxColumn, which will display the underlying […]