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Now that the CRM5 beta is generally available (and many of us were privy to the preview code) it’s time to start dusting off those data access libraries and shaking them up to 2011 spec. If you’ve written any custom application code using the Microsoft.Crm.Sdk library, you’ll want to tune in here. Fortunately, I didn’t […]

One aspect of Silverlight application deployment recently caused me a significant amount of pain — the security rules governing where the Silverlight browser plug-in will and will not load code from and under what circumstances. There is a lot of talk about making cross-domain service calls from Silverlight, but not a lot of coverage given […]

So you’ve gotten your Silverlight-based SharePoint Web Parts working in a test harness but when it comes time to get the whole stack out there under the target SharePoint site things aren’t working. Of course it helps to have good logging in place, but sometimes we just want to get the debugger attached to see […]

I was just working up some installation instructions for a client’s SharePoint solutions when I realized that I should probably be creating some scripts to reduce the number of manual steps required to get the solution installed and working. The thing that really pushed the issue for me was the initial addition of the SharePoint […]

Debugging Silverlight 4 applications under Visual Studio is a nice advantage of the tight integration that Microsoft provides with their tooling for rich Internet application development. However, it can be somewhat confusing if you get off the beaten path at all or if you end up with a mis-configured project setting somewhere down the road. […]