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I had to run through a complete workstation setup recently including installation of Visual Studio and the Silverlight development tools so I wanted to write up a quick blog post to document the process. I started off with a clean installation of Visual Studio 2010. This will install some project templates for Silverlight by default […]

Hello again CRM fans. I’m tearing through a bunch of client code upgrades from the old CRM to the new 2011 stuff. In the process, I’m taking notes on what is different and what is the same. Fortunately enabling tracing is just the same as it was in CRM 4.0, but since there don’t seem […]

If you’ve ever developed a more complex plugin or custom workflow for Microsoft CRM that relies on external libraries you know that it can be tricky to get everything working correctly. The problem is that when the dll is registered using the Plugin Registration Tool included with the CRM SDK, only the metadata for the […]