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When dealing with signed strongly-named assemblies in .NET, we’ve all come across the dreaded Or In the first case, we need to find the right dll for the platform that we are on, i.e. 64bit vs 32bit. In my case the first error led to the second, since once I found the right dll, of […]

In Microsoft IIS7, all management commands have been consolidated under the appcmd.exe commandline tool. In the past there was a collection of VBscripts that allowed you to script access to IIS. One of the things that I need to do that can’t be done in the GUI is to list which application pools are running […]

I have been porting a lot of code over from CRM4 to the new CRM 2011 recently. I was investigating how to get some code converted that uses the MetadataService in CRM4 but I wasn’t finding out much about it on the web. If you are looking for the metadata service in 2011 you can […]

I set up a development environment that I can share in the cloud with my colleagues and partners for sharing ideas and quick demos. There are already a few articles out there that can help you get the latest CRM 2011 bits set up on a virtual machine, but I didn’t find anything specific to […]