Crm 2011 Entity Metadata Browser


Any of you out there that have been working with Microsoft CRM for a while will remember that since CRM3.0 there has been a handy metadata browser built into the CRM server for quickly looking up things like field names and entity relationships. In CRM3.0 you just browsed to http://yourcrmserver/sdk/list.aspx and in 4.0 it was the same only we had to specify the organization name like http://yourcrmserver/orgname/sdk/list.aspx since 4.0 was a fully multi-tenant CRM solution.

I was really disappointed to see that the metadata browser was omitted from CRM 2011. However, Microsoft came through recently by including an all-new version of the metadata browser in the latest CRM 2011 SDK.

The new browser is distributed as a managed CRM solution and can be installed and uninstalled just like any other CRM 2011 customization package. This is a really cool demonstration of what is possible with CRM solutions.

To install, grab the latest SDK from here and extract. Open up your CRM installation and browse to the customizations as shown in the following screenshot:

The file that we want to import is located in the sdk under:


Once the import is complete you can navigate to the browser by going to settings/customizations/metadata browser as shown below:

Enjoy not having to poke around in the customizations menu and drill into the individual entities just to figure out what you named that field.


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