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If you’re like me, you have clients behind firewalls and special development environments configured to mirror the client’s environment for local testing. In my case a lot of my development environments have Microsoft CRM installed on them as a self-contained development environment replete with Active Directory. This means that the virtual machine does not have […]

I’ve been cleaning up a lot of projects lately, and one of the things that I really needed to get sorted out was build scripts for everything so that I had a repeatable way of obtaining correct binary builds of all of my dependencies. Typically I would use msbuild or NAnt to define how the […]

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Even though CRM 4 is on the way out now, I still find myself working with clients that have legacy CRM 4 systems in production. Whether it is porting code or fixing bugs, CRM 4 is far from gone. For those of you that don’t […]

This is a topic that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while. Some time ago I implemented a quick dummy CRM service for testing out code without having to run a full CRM server. The initial version I wrote was for CRM4, and unfortunately by some oversight, MS did not actually implement ICrmService in […]

I’m posting this list since it seems to be difficult for me to find quickly in the SDK documentation. It is an incredibly handy list of type mappings that are useful for converting CRM4 code to 2011 or for (in my case) writing abstraction libraries that need to convert between the two different CRM versions. […]

Hey guys, back after a bit of a break in blogging. I’ve been super busy on a lot of projects. Here is a little tip that I found out about when I tried to consolidate my development environment a bit. I’m now running a CRM 2011 server on my dev machine. Unfortunately I also still […]

Like me, I’m sure that many of you are consultants who have clients running on a trial version of the CRM software. Also, like me, you probably have a lot of CRM installations for testing. Here is how you can update the product key in Microsoft CRM 2011. Get the new key from the client […]