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Most of the time, when programming against the Microsoft CRM Web service, we get reasonable error messages. However, on occasion we get the inscrutable “Generic SQL Error”. I used to solve these by trial and error or intuition, but it turns out that there is better way. Using SQL Server profiler can give us the […]

I’m continuing my series of posts on configuration patterns in .NET. One of the things I had to do recently was to retrofit some code that I was writing to use an alternate configuration file. That is, I needed the ability to specify file from the commandline to grab a config section rather than having […]

Here is a quick post to outline the different ways that .NET custom config files can be written. The MSDN documentation does a bad job generally at giving examples of what the actual XML markup looks like in their examples. They go through all of the different types involved without showing what the desired markup […]

I have built a few tools to make life easier for myself. One of the tools that has proven itself invaluable is a metadata generator that I use to create a list of entities in a newly-created CRM bizorg. Although the API supports most things that we’d want to do, there are a few tricky […]

I have been meaning to write a post on configuration patterns in the .NET framework. Just about any app we write has some configuration data associated with it, and it sometimes gets ignored until the app is in production or at the very least until very late in the development cycle. Microsoft provides a lot […]